Getting to and from Pokhara

Here you will find all the transportation information you need to get to Pokhara or to move around the city using public transport. We’ll show you the rest of how to get from Pokhara to your next destination. Of course, our team is careful to update all prices regularly.

How to get to Kathmandu

Tourist buses

Depart every morning at 7–7:30am from the tourist bus parks in Thamel, Kathmandu and Lakeside, Pokhara. The journey takes 7–8 hours depending on traffic and road conditions. Most buses stop for breakfast and lunch at roadside tourist restaurants and often for an
extra toilet break. For basic buses, prices range from Rs500–1000 and for luxury buses prices (incl. lunch) are around US$20.

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There is now a tourist night bus between Pokhara and Kathmandu. Operated by Jagadamba, it arrives/departs daily from Hallan Chowk in Lakeside and Balaju Bus Park in Kathmandu (2kms north of Thamel on Ring Rd). It departs at 8pm and arrives at 5am and the normal fare costs Rs1100, while the deluxe fare is Rs1500 (A/C, food, and big seat).

Local bus & microbus

Depart every hour (or when they are full) from Kalanki Bus Park in Kathmandu and Prithivi Chowk Bus Park in Pokhara from 6am until 5pm. The microbuses (white Toyota minivans) take 6–7 hours and cost approximately Rs500. The local buses take 7–8 hours and cost approximately Rs450. Both buses stop only once for a main meal at a local roadside restaurant and for a couple of toilet breaks.


There are daily flights between Pokhara and Kathmandu operated by several domestic airlines. Flights can easily be arranged by local travel agents in Thamel and Lakeside. In bad weather (fog, cloud, rain) flights are quickly delayed or cancelled. The 25 minute
flight is a fixed price of US$119 one way, including the domestic airport departure tax. Pokhara’s Domestic Airport is a 10 minute drive from Hallan Chowk.

Private car & taxi

This is the most comfortable way to enjoy the beautiful scenery along the Prithivi Highway. Cars of various sizes can be hired with or without a driver, from small taxis to large 4WDs. The journey takes 5–7 hours depending on breaks and traffic/road conditions. For small cars prices start around Rs10,000 including a driver and petrol.


Tourist Bus Park

All tourist bus services depart and arrive at the Tourist Bus Park, located in south Lakeside . Operators request you to be present at 7am for 7:30am departures to Kathmandu, Chitwan and Lumbini.

Hallan Chowk

The bus stand at Hallan Chowk is located on the Phewa Tal side and opposite is a 24-hour taxi stand. Small buses departing from Hallan Chowk go to Chipledunga, the shopping area in Mahendra Pul where there are large supermarkets, fruit & vegetable markets etc. They leave every 10–15 minutes. Larger buses departing from Hallan Chowk go to Gatechhena, the village at the end of Phewa Tal’s valley, in the direction of Panchase. This route passes alongside Phewa Tal, through villages such as Sedi, Khapaudi and Pamay.

Prithivi Chowk

This is Pokhara’s local bus park for buses departing to the east, south and south-west. It is located on the Prithivi Highway. Local buses are parked on the left just after the roundabout
whereas for microbus services turn left at Prithivi Chowk and it’s 100m up on the right.

Baglung Bus Park

This local bus park is the terminus for all buses departing to the north and north-west of Pokhara along the Baglung Highway as well as local services to Sarangkot. Taxis from Lakeside take 5-10 minutes and cost Rs250. To get here by local bus from Hallan Chowk, take the Chipledunga bus to Zero Kilometre where you need to change buses to go left to Baglung Bus Park.

How to get to trekking routes

Taxi & minivan

From Lakeside taxis cost Rs1,000 to Phedi and Rs1,800 to Nayapul. If you plan to depart early in the morning you or your hotel can book a taxi the night before. If you are travelling in a large group, then booking a private minivan from a travel can be both comfortable and

Local bus

Local buses on the Baglung Highway depart from Baglung Bus Park every hour from 6am until 3pm. Most treks in the Annapurna Region start along this highway at villages such as Phedi, Kande and Nayapul. Only the Annapurna Circuit starts at Besisahar to the east of Pokhara. Two buses leave daily to Besisahar at 6am from Prithivi Chowk Bus Park.

How to get to Chitwan

Tourist bus

This is the easiest way to travel to and from Sauhara, Chitwan. Buses leave daily from the tourist bus park at 7am, take 5-7 hours and cost Rs400 one way.


There are several taxi stands throughout Lakeside with a 24-hour stand being located at Hallan Chowk. It is usually very easy to get a taxi anywhere in the city and if they see you walking along the road, drivers will often stop and ask you regardless if you want one or not! Taxi number plates are black so make sure that you are not getting into a private car. If you are carrying anything valuable with you, it is a good idea to ask the driver’s name on the journey so if you accidentally leave something then you have a chance of finding him.


All taxis are required to have meters in them; however, it is very uncommon for them to be used in Pokhara. Some destinations have ‘fixed’ prices but mostly you will have to bargain to get a good price. Some fixed-priced destinations from Hallan Chowk:

»» Chipledunga: Rs300/500 (one way/return)
»» Sarangkot: Rs1,000/1,500
»» World Peace Pagoda: Rs800/1,200
»» Phedi: Rs1,000
»» Nayapul: Rs1,800


The calm waters of Phewa lake are the perfect place to relax and marvel at the reflection of the Annapurnas. Colourful wooden boats are the most popular option to hire and they are available all along the lake shore at Barahi Chowk, Hallan Chowk and near Freedom Café in the north of Lakeside. You can hire an oarsman to do the rowing for you or you can do it yourself. You can rent any kind of boat for as little as one hour up to the whole day and prices vary from place to place.

Types of boats for hire:

  • Wooden boats (dunghas): Available all along the lakeshore in Lakeside
  • Paddle boats & sail boats: Available in front of Mike’s Restaurant (central Lakeside)
  • Paddleboards & kayaks: Available from a few shops around Lakeside
  • Communal boats: (for Barahi Temple only) Barahi Chowk by the lake shore


Motorbikes and scooters are available to rent throughout Lakeside. There are several types of engine powers (from 100cc to 500cc) and ride styles available and you should
only rent what you are comfortable driving. The road rules in Nepal are quite different to those in Western countries, so be very careful if it is your first time driving in a country
like Nepal. Helmets are provided by the renting office and only the driver is legally required to wear one; however, we recommend that passengers also wear a helmet for their safety.

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