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Laying 200km west of Kathmandu, Pokhara is Nepal’s second largest city has long been an attraction for western tourists since the 1970’s when the hippies made their way to the city even more mystical than Kathmandu. In 1977 the Annapurna region was opened to foreign trekkers for the first time and since then the tourist industry has boomed in Lakeside to become one of the major tourist hubs in Nepal.

Pokhara is the adventure capital of Nepal.

With its many restaurants, hotels, cafés, bars and shops that now line the Lakeside strip for several kilometres, Pokhara is the perfect place to relax and re-energise after a long trek or journey. It won’t be long though until you’re ready to get back into action as Pokhara’s huge adventure sports industry beckons you to experience the thrill of flying with the birds, rafting down wild rivers or leaping into a 70m free fall. If a rush of adrenaline isn’t your thing then there are plenty of yoga, massage and meditation retreats to choose from or if you are interested in the rich history and culture of Nepal there are plenty of museums, medieval temples, and monasteries to visit.





    Kaski District


    Lowest: 827m
    Highest: 1,740m


    Gurung, Brahmin, Chhetri, Khas Nepali, Magar, Newar


    Hinduism, Bhuddhism, Muslim, Christian

  • Climate

    summers are tropical and winters are mild

The beautiful town of Pokhara is the starting point for numerous trekking tours and adventure trips

Therefore a popular destination for hikers and Pokhara is located at the foot of the famous Macchapuchare (Fishtail-Mountain). The lowest temperature ever measured in Pokhara is eight degrees. Those who are not looking for an adventure can fish, swim and boat with a majestic panorama in the background. 

Nepal Festival Calendar

The festivals are based on the Bikram Sambat calendar (B.S.), which is aimed at the moon and therefore moves the dates from year to year.

For whom is Pokhara suitable?

Pokhara is very popular with young travelers, they enjoy the affordable accommodation and a great deal of reasonably priced restaurants. Hiking and culture lovers travel because of the first-class offer of hiking trails. There are as well many temples and sightseeing options around the valley. Pokhara is suitable for any budget, from budget hostels to luxurious 5 star hotels, every purse is served. Nepal is more favorable in comparison to other countries, especially in hotels and restaurants.

What to do in Pokhara?

An abundant leisure offer, which appeals to the numerous visitors of the city, ensures that travelers never get bored. 

Restaurants Tips - eating & drinking

The editorial team will evaluate for you the best restaurants and the most popular Nepalese music bars.

Essential & Useful INFORMATION

All foreigners except Indians need a visa to enter Nepal. Tourist visas are issued upon arrival at Kathmandu Airport and official overland entry points.

Transport to and around Pokhara

In the fall and spring, the main tourist seasons are Nepal and you should book your transport to and from Pokhara early.