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Immigration Office

The Immigration Office is located at in south Lakeside and here you can extend your tourist visa. You can stay in Nepal on a tourist visa for 150 days each year, meaning that if you arrive 03 August 2019 you can stay until 29 May 2020. Tourist visa extensions must be a minimum of 15 days (US$30) and every day afterwards is US$2 per day. If you forget to extend your visa you will be charged a penalty of US$3 per day in addition to the visa fee (total US$5 per day).

How to extend your tourist visa

All applications must be started online from any Internet café or laptop at You need to fill out the application form (only the asterisked boxes) and upload a digital passport photo of yourself ― you cannot present a printed passport photo. This application then must be printed out, signed and taken to the Immigration Office.

What to bring to the immigration office:

  • Passport
  • Printed Online Application
    (includes photo)
  • Photocopy of your passport
    and last visa page
  • Visa Fee in Nepali rupees

Office hours for visa extension:

Sunday to Thursday: 10:00–16:00 in summer
Sunday to Thursday 10:00–15:00 in winter
Friday: 10:00–14:00
Saturday: Closed


There are several options in Lakeside and Pokhara’s city centre, Chipledunga, to access or exchange your money into Nepali Rupees:

  • Foreign Exchange offices who change cash and traveller’s cheques in major currencies
  • Western Union offices
  • Upmarket hotels and restaurants which have credit card facilities


Withdrawing money from ATMs is an easy option as all major cards are accepted and the rates are good. Most ATMs in Lakeside allow you to withdraw up to Rs15,000 plus charge a  Rs500 ATM fee. The two best bank ATMs are:

  • Standard Chartered Bank

    Allows you to withdraw up to Rs35,000 with NO ATM fee. Banks and ATMs are located at Hallan Chowk and Barahi Chowk as well as in the ATM Lounges in

  • NABIL Bank

    This bank also allows withdrawals up to Rs35,000 (with a Rs500 ATM fee). The ATM is located at Barahi Chowk as well as in several ATM Lounges, including the one at Lakeside Centre.


If you are leaving Pokhara for an adventure in the mountains it won’t be possible to exchange foreign money there so always take enough cash with you (including lots of smaller  banknotes) plus extra in case of any emergency.


  • Internet Cafés:

    There are several Internet cafés along Lakeside who charge around Rs50 per hour for internet. Most also have printing, scanning, photocopying, and fax services.

  • WI/FI:

    Almost every café, restaurant, bar, hotel and guest house in Lakeside has free Wi-Fi
    available for their customers. Don’t expect high speeds though!

  • Mobile Phone:

    Tourists can buy Nepali pay as you go SIM cards. The two main companies are NCELL and NTC (Nepal Telecom). You need to fill out a form, provide a photocopy of your passport and current visa page and supply one passport photo. You can recharge with both phone and internet data credit if you need internet access
    outside of Pokhara.


Many shops, offices and cafés have safe drinking water refill stations, which are the cheapest and most environmental way to get safe drinking water in Pokhara. These stations use water from the same source as the bottled mineral water; it just comes in a big container so it is cheaper to buy at only Rs10 per litre. We recommend you buy a good quality water bottle and use this facility as it helps reduce plastic waste and is good for your wallet too!



Lakeside police office
Lakeside Rd, Pokhara
Tel: 061–465087

District police office
Kaski, Pokhara
Tel: 100/061–520033


Nepal Tourism Board
Tourist Service Centre, Damside Rd
Damside, Pokhara
Tel: 061–465292

Immigration Office
Tourist Information Centre
Damside, Pokhara
Tel: 061–465167

Tourism Office
Damside Rd
Tel: 061–520028