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The importance of providing travellers with the information required to fully enjoy Nepal is most important to us. Therefore, our team of professionals have created and improved the design and layout of the third edition. There are many ways of getting information about Pokhara, which often makes it hard to know what to trust! Because of this, our team, which consists of both locals and foreigners, all of whom lived permanently in Pokhara for several years, have created this user friendly guide book what will be available for you when you arrive in paradise.

Our magazine provides travellers useful information about Pokhara and trekking tips for the Annapurna region. Readers will also find an overview of restaurants & hotels around Lakeside, adventure agencies who operate various activities and several other services available in Pokhara.

It is our pleasure to offer you an opportunity to advertise in the print edition. Therefore, all necessary information regarding various options of advertisement in detail can be forwarded via email.

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Being close to our audience!

Communication with our readers is a essential quality management for us. Whether at our annual Pokhara Guide meetings, at the large public fairs, on the way in the target areas – the opportunities to meet Pokhara Guide staff and to exchange information about our travels are manifold.

We take pride in keeping our ears close to our readers’ needs, and we are pleased to implement your wishes, integrate them into our magazine, or provide information to your specifications.

Internally, a team working exclusively for this task coordinates your suggestions and wishes in order to continuously develop and improve our magazine together with you. Our primary goal is the greatest possible satisfaction of our readers. Not only our quality team, but all departments are equal to this claim. We pick up optimization potential, learn from it and work out solutions with which our readers and we are completely satisfied.

You can directly influence our next edition by sending us your suggestions and inspirations:

The current edition

The complete current magazine can be downloaded here, because it is a great tool for your stay in Pokhara. If you are unable to get a hard copy for yourself you can review here all information inside the guide book. We hope you will enjoy all information and hope that it was helpful planning your travels.


Eduard Biller

Managing Director

Jessica Kennedy

Creative Director

Eduard Biller

Managing Director since 2014, originally from Germany he has been an expat in Nepal for the past seven years. Primarily coordinating sales and public relations for the renowned and comprehensive tourist information guidebook. In progression for 3 editions with continuous enhancements and profound success rates, the 4th edition is scheduled to be released in spring 2019.

Jessica Kennedy

As Creative Director since 2014, Jess is responsible for the guide’s design, content and photography. She has a bachelor of Graphic Design and currently lives in her home in Australia, although she lived in Pokhara from 2011 – 2015. She loves hiking in the Himalayas and is passionate about photography and good design.

Anjali Karki

Customer Service & Production Manager

The heart of our Pokhara Guide headquarters, where personal advice is a priority! We are there for you and your questions, give you detailed information and recommendations, respond to your individual needs. We are grateful for constructive criticism, because only in this way can we further improve our travels together with you. And as part of our sustainability management, we work with you and our partners to develop strategies for a socially and environmentally sound economy.

Shreekrishna Shrestha

Marketing Manager & Public Responsibilities

CREATIVITY is very important to us! Whether in print, online or social media marketing – we are there! Our team develops new ideas with great passion and sometimes even dares to take the step off the beaten track. In addition to campaigns with cooperation partners such as tourism offices and airlines, the controlling of ongoing campaigns is one of our tasks. We make sure that we attract attention and stay in your memory.

Hannes Waschow

Consultant for hotel online distribution and visa

Many of our partners are hotels located in Pokhara and the surrounding area. Most of them want to participate in the internet hotel market by using internet distribution systems (IDS) like, Agoda, Expedia and others. Hannes knows these systems very well and also different types of channel manager software, which are useful to control several IDS at the same time. He is doing consulting and full-service for our partners. Additionally, he has great knowledge about visa, which are needed by many tourists to travel around the world.